Codeless Testing

for IoT, API, web, mobile
and desktop solutions

Codeless automation

Easy to implement and manage, designed for pros & beginners

Solution virtualization

Easily create component avatar, as it is being integrated or developed

Discover bugs faster

Reduce bad will and high costs of bug fixing by early bug discovery

Reduce costs of testing

Be more efficient and spend savings on smarter things

Enables collaboration among developers, QA and business participants in a software project

Tangible performance
Save up to 50% in costs and gain up to 50% of QA or developers time.

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QA performance
Time to market
Solution quality
Test quality
User satisfaction


Testing costs
Time on test setups
Nr. of defects
Regression testing time
Overall R&D costs

Can you really make things work without testing automation?

For example, there are 15 different connectivity modules and three serial interfaces for each, which makes 45 various combinations. Each connectivity module has to be validated by about 1,000 test cases, which means 45.000 tests for a full release. Without automation, this task would be impossible.

Easy to implement & easy to manage

Define testing scope
Define testing
objectives and goals
Set up testing
Write or import tests
cases, variables &
Execute testing and
enjoy in automated,
visual kind reporting
Make safe bug fixing

Pharmaceutical producer: new leaner process implementation

New production system was complex. Integration of many different HW, SW and IOT solutions was needed. Testing was firstly done in virtual testing environment which led to saving time and money. And it did not disturb the current production process.

Energy IOT: reducing reclamation claims from 10% to 1%

When IOT solution was connected to other HW and SW, the number of reclamation rose to 10% and started to kill the business. Manual testing was changed to automated and business started to flourish.

Flawless customer experience for e-mobility service

The AC/DC charger system for e-vehicles was very complex, integrating HW, SW, energy providers, payment, billing, customer loyalty scheme and others. Automated testing is now making it easy to test all upgrades.

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