Testing Automation Platform

Define test goals & set-up KPIs

Run automated testing

Automated & customizable reports

Testing features
of myQAbee


Do not loose any more of your precious time on waiting for end module, device app solution. Simply create component avatar and start testing end solution now.


An IoT set up involves working with multiple protocols.
Protocol simulators are a must to better perform when there is a lot of variation in the device, touchpoints and their interfaces.


The IoT systems have a highly complex nature. Virtualization of a whole solution or system enables real-time validation, earlier detection of defects and reduces costs.


Collect data from various devices to enable smart validation. Automatically play this data across different modules, devices, apps and communication layers and protocols.


Improve your development and use myQAbee to serve your entire digital portfolio to experiment and to simulate real-time experiences. Simply shorten time to market.

The benefits of
testing automation

Save time on testing

Run more tests in parallel to better testing performance

Better testing coverage

Cover more test scenarios and run parallel tests

Reduce time to market

Start testing from the beginning of development

Run tests on multiple devices & OS

Create a device avatar and start testing it now

Much more than
strategic decision

The speed of digital changes is forcing companies to change their development, testing and launching procedures.
The goal is to become faster in development and flawless in providing customer or user experience.

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