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If automation testing tool is not easy to work with, you are using the wrong one.

The tendency to ease our lives is growing stronger by the day, in business world even more so. For time efficient and quality executed solutions, appropriate tools are crucial. In IT this could not be more true. Whatever software you use either for digitalizing your business or for developing new software solutions, the proposed tool must be focused on helping you out and answering all of your needs. If this is not the case, you should think about possible improvements.

Too often it happens that you stick to existing solutions although they are not suited to your needs.

Approximately one third of IT development is dedicated to different variations of testing or QA, states World Quality Report 2019 – 2020, but at the same time does not mention that too often deadlines are not met, people are scattered on different projects, managing tasks between available human resources can be a real struggle, while at the same time deadline for launching a new product remains unchanged from the beginning. Projects can get off their track in different phases, but the effect is always the same – insufficient amount of time dedicated to testing which results in products which are simply not that good as they could be.

Wishing to optimizing testing process and offering a support to manual testers through adoption of a testing automation tool can get tricky quite quickly and can easily fall like a house of cards. Despite the best intentions as a project manager or head of QA, you just might end up with testing automation tool which does not work for you in all cases you are dealing with. Perhaps it is complicated to use, user experience is not perfected, it is connected with numerous plug-ins to be able to test different browsers and devices, which all cost money, or perhaps it does not even offer them. In such cases testing automation tools becomes a real struggle.

What if we tell you that you can reduce resources on testing or with other words – you could do more with existing resources?

But how, you ask yourselves. Testing process must be simplified. In the first step it must be automated and codeless. Technical perfection is to be understood, while supporting various platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and real-time browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Explorer, Opera), not to mention possibility of running tests on desktop and mobile devices, iOS and Android, are not to be dismissed easily. In addition ease of use as a fundamental part of user interface and user interface of the test automation tool itself must be user orientated to the highest level possible. Many of the existing tools tend to fail at first step, while the others fail to provide user experience satisfying enough.

If QA team adopts a testing automation tool running on codeless principle, developers can dedicate their time to other coding tasks, while testing can be run by testers with basic IT knowledge. Because testing is always done in a hurry, user interface must be simple, with drag and drop function, easy to manage, with possibility of case to case adaptations and of course must offer transparent executions and reports.

Sometimes shortcuts take you to place you want to get to.

Testing automation tools and their use truly sound like a load of time and work, but situation is far from pessimistic. Our team of experts of developers, testers and managers worked hard to offer you a shortcut that works. A shortcut which is suited to your needs – whether you are a tester, project manager or CEO. Sounds too good to be true? Let us prove you wrong!


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