Codeless testing – first step towards lowering your costs of R&D

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Every craft takes time to master. Coding is no exception.

In IT nowadays there is not enough time to learn, while the “knowers” are too few. Having testers, which are in ideal cases not developers, program a bunch of codes, fix errors in applications and finish backlogs is challenging. Furthermore – lacking advanced programming expertise is declared as one of the top challenges when applying test automation to agile projects, according to the World Quality Report 2019 – 2020. Development of codeless automation testing tools offers the answer to the rising challenge.

Codeless test automation means creating automated tests without coding knowledge.

Even better - not even one bit of code has to be written down. By going codeless a gap between the accelerating demands of the market and the skill sets of team members, is finally filled in. That enables testers to design test cases using user friendly interface while test scripts are written automatically in the backend. That means the testers can now focus on what they know and do best – testing for quality assurance. This way quality rises while at the same time tools become more cost effective which can also be supported by minimizing proportion of total IT budget allocated to QA and testing – from 35 % in 2015 to 23 % in 2019. Such downfall must not be contributed to dismissing QA and testing, quite the contrary – QA with testing is becoming more and more important, while newly developed automation testing tools are becoming the saver of resources.

What are benefits of codeless testing?

Lack of coding knowledge is not an obstacle anymore when it comes to writing test cases and their automatization. Adding a user friendly interface, technically perfected tool and at the same time supporting various platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and real-time browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Explorer, Opera), not to mention possibility of running tests on desktop and mobile devices, iOS and Android, equal match made in heaven, ideal for companies dealing with testing struggle on everyday basis.

Codeless testing offers a stable foundation and a path to get not only more things done, but also done better.

Codeless testing will affect all members of the team and contribute to higher productivity.

The future of codeless automation testing is approaching at an exponential rate. Although it will relieve QA testers from many of existing burdens, it is not only testers which will be positively affected. Developers will reproduce potential issues on various devices, operational systems and browsers in real time, view logs and data, have option of recording for immediate bugging and making adjustment to get test cases and their efficiency improved. Businesses will reduce costs and time to market, increase profit and competitive edges. Users will get products increased in quality and guaranteed smoother user experience. Sounds good?

As we know from our experiences, seeking the perfect codeless testing tool can be a struggle. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of each solution in comparison to your requirements is time consuming and you may still end up without a suitable solution. Why not save yourself the trouble and apply for your individual Proof of concept today?

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